This Summer, Make It Rain! How to Become the Ultimate Networker

Summer is quickly approaching! This season is the perfect time to kick your networking into high gear, with respect to the current COVID safety regulations, of course. 

While we look forward to sunny skies and days filled with beach days, poolside gatherings and BBQs, Julie Talenfeld, the founder and CEO of Boardroom PR, is also trying to make it rain! What she means by this of course, is rainmaking! 

She says “a rainmaker is a person who brings clients, business, and money to their firm or business—someone who has influence and can bring that power with them. Rainmaking is the ultimate in networking; to be a rainmaker, it means that you have hit the zenith of what is possible. You know practically everyone, and most importantly, everyone knows you.”

Are you interested in learning more about Talenfeld’s tips on how to become the ultimate networker this summer? Read more in this article

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