5 Tips for Success When Negotiating Settlements With More Seasoned Attorneys

As numerous young lawyers will come to understand, one great part of being a lawyer—and the key to becoming a successful one—is securing favorable results for your clients. These favorable outcomes often come in the form of settlements. Because of that reason, negotiating is a skill that any attorney will need to develop so they can enjoy what they do and be successful at doing it. 

However, for a young lawyer, settling cases with long-tenured members of the bar can seem like an intimidating endeavor. But, there are various tips that can be provided to fellow junior members of the bar that can help ease concerns and lead to successful resolutions of cases. 

Tips include knowing the file, understanding what makes a good case, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a case and more. 

Are you interested in learning more about five tips for success when negotiating settlements with more seasoned attorneys? Read more in this law.com article.

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