Why Talent Firms Are Worth It.

Why Work with a Legal Recruiter?

The ability to attract, extract and deliver talent is and always will be a high touch recruiter. No in-house staff recruiter or data algorithm will ever replace a headhunter. Sourcing the best lawyers can be challenging, the top candidates have options, opinions and time constraints.

Speed. Time is money. No one knows the employment marketplace better than a good headhunter/recruiter. The placement process takes time. The recruiters fee is more than off-set from the drain on billable hours at the firm. The best legal recruiters leverage connections and scan social media channels to source the top talent efficiently.

Experience. Most recruiting firms work with many candidates at different levels, the vetting is extensive and ongoing throughout the process. During discovery we pull the Band-Aid off and get to the good, the bad and the ugly. All things being equal, we protect all parties, strategically considering how the firms services best compliment the skills the candidates bring to the table, Shari Davidson, On Balance Search Consultants.

The sum of the whole is greater than the individual pieces, a great recruiter considers the law firms platform geography, practice areas, talent within the firm, marketing team, strategic services, the verticals they specialize in, and the firms culture. A candidate that compliments the firms current book of business can produce the next superstar. We have helped candidates move to a stronger platform doubling their book of business within 18-24 months and continue to grow, Shari Davidson.

Confidentiality. A multi-channel strategy across media channels and several search firms may do more harm than good. Internal and external forces may very well conspire to complicate the process. Internally some may feel slighted, that they have been overlooked for this position. Additionally, advertising tips off the competition as to the strategic direction of your firm.

Negotiation. The best recruiters provide an in-depth professional level of expertise to advise on all aspects of the placement process, acting as a buffer to carefully consider all parties involved. Good recruiters facilitate mutually beneficial arrangements, minimizing potentially polarizing roadblocks that may arise from face-to-face dealings.

The placement process takes time and often difficult. Successful outcomes lead to earning trust and credibility with candidates and firms, and from this is strong lasting relationships are formed.

About: On Balance Search Consultants

On Balance offers great insight and industry intelligence. Shari Davidson, president of On Balance Search Consultants, advises experienced attorneys at every stage of their career to take them to the next level. From making the lateral partner move to succession planning.

Shari takes a proactive approach to advising law firms on how to take a firm to the next level and helps rising talent make the transition to the right law firm. On Balance Search identifies opportunities that exist today, not down the road.

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