What Successful Hybrid Firms Are Doing

After three years since the onset of coronavirus, law firms have performed well using a hybrid work model for employees.

However, the mantra of returning the office began in late 2021. Law firms were driven to come up with a compromise where employees could still work from home, but also return to the office to collaborate with colleagues.

According to a 2023 Thomson Reuters study, workers were motivated to return to the office by the following:

  • -85% of employees were motivated to rebuild team bonds
  • -84% of employees motivated to socialize with co-workers
  • -74% of employees would go if they knew their “work friends” were there
  • -73% of employees would go if they knew their direct team members would be there.

Firms that are strategizing for a successful return-to-office scenario should work on collaboration and connection with colleagues instead of mandates or punishment for not returning to the office. Many firms have instated a return-to-office mandate, starting with two or three days as “anchor days” during the week. Data suggests that strategies that ties office attendance to job security and bonuses might not work. 

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