Tips to Make Your Legal Cover Letter Stand Out

There are many people who believe that cover letters don’t matter when you are applying for jobs. They assume that these get discarded and that the recruiting team skips straight to the resume. While this may be true at some firms, at others, your cover letter may be what determines whether your resume is ever looked at. Most legal jobs include a great deal of writing. Show off your skills during the hiring process to ensure that you get the job. A few tips for winning recruiters’ attention:

1. Don’t just regurgitate your resume.

It can be tempting to tell your entire working life story in your cover letter. Instead, skip to the highlights. Talk about your experience in the relevant area of the legal industry. If you are applying for a job at an entertainment law firm, talk about the legal internship you had with a record label. Someone who wished to become a divorce attorney would detail their educational and past job experience in family law.

2. Make sure your full contact information is included.

Use a business formal address style where your full name, address, email and phone number are included in the upper right-hand corner. Type your full name again below the signature. Not only will this more formal approach be appreciated, it will ensure that your information is available should your resume and cover letter get separated.

3. Talk about the specific job you are applying for.

Do not use the same cookie cutter letter to apply to more than one job. Take some time to discuss the specific job you want and why you are the best candidate. This shows passion and eagerness that most hiring teams will appreciate.

4. Proofread assiduously.

Poor grammar, spelling errors and typos can get your letter thrown out immediately. Read your letter carefully several times. Reading out loud can help your ears catch errors that your eyes might miss. If there is time, have a friend read your letter as well.

Chances are, you will apply for many legal positions before being offered a job. Make sure that every cover letter you send is as enthusiastic as your first one to increase your chances of landing the position you want.

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