The Law Firm Generation Gap: A Millennial and a Baby Boomer Talk It Out

Ah yes, the hot button topic of the law firm generation gap between millennials and baby boomers. Lawyers who are just starting out or are long-time veterans view things differently on how a law firm should be ran in today’s world. Young lawyers are challenging the status quo to improve on the dynamic and structure of big law firms. “The business model is broken,” says Kristen Corpin, a young Miami lawyer. She says in order to keep young talent, partners need to have more respect for their young associate, not the concept of “you make a paycheck, just be grateful.”

Mark Zauderer, a long-time lawyer and partner of New York’s Ganfer, Shore, Leeds & Zauderer, also agrees a change must be made to keep young talent in firms, but makes it clear that big law is not what it used to be.

Interested in hearing more on the views between these two different lawyers in the big law generation gap? Listen here in this podcast:

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