Some Observations for Anyone Who’s Thinking About Leaving Their Firm to Open Their Own Practice

Tom Scolaro, founder of Scolaro Law, left his job at a boutique law firm to found his own personal injury law firm earlier this year. Scolaro writes about navigating the change, incorporating his firm, and shares some observations to anyone interested in leaving their firm jobs and  starting a law firm. 

Support from Family and Friends

An attorney starting their own firm needs to have the support of the partners or spouses, their families and friends to help ride through the ups and downs. 

Spare No Cost in Staffing

Spare no cost in hiring the best staff for the job. “The best people cost more for a reason,” Scolaro writes. “They are worth it. A wrong hire will cost you more in the long run.” In his case, staff members from his old firm followed him to his new firm. Despite the large financial commitment, the efficiency and immediate trust at the new firm makes the cost worth it. 

Publicizing Your New Firm

Publicize your new firm immediately, and solicit advice from those around you.

Office Space

Decide on your physical office space. There are plenty of options these days, from co-working spaces, leases and remote work. You can decide what will work best for your new firm and can also adjust as your firm evolves.

Internet Presence

Scolaro advises that an attorney founding a new firm dedicate resources to building a great web site so that others outside your network can find you and hire you. Scolaro himself writes that he’s hired web site developers for content, design and for SEO. 

Are you interested in more advice founding your own law firm?  Scolaro shares more observations in this article.

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