Remote/Hybrid Work Provides Young Lawyers With Career Opportunities

Both hybrid, remote work and in-person employment present learning opportunities for young attorneys. Ruxandra Osgood, an attorney at Pond Lehocky Giordano, presents some ways the trend of remote work has altered career development.

Shadowing Opportunities

Even though attorneys might not be physically shadowing their mentor, young attorneys can now attend proceedings with a remote link, and can shadow multiple hearings and depositions in a day. This can help with more exposure to judges, opposing counsel, courtroom etiquette and legal proceedings. 

Faster Development of Client Service Skills

With video meetings often the preferred method of communication with clients, younger attorneys can also easily take part in these discussions more often and view how their colleagues interact with clients. Viewing these interactions will help hone communication skills with clients quickly. Not having to travel to legal proceedings also frees up time for better, faster communication with clients. 

Unparalleled Access to Information

Remote work has been a catalyst for firms to develop technology and tools so that attorneys can access the documents and information they need.

Greater Control Over the Priorities of Today and Tomorrow—at Work and at Home

Not having to commute frees up more time for young attorneys, which allows them more time for research, drafting agreements, networking meetings, and publishing articles. 

The Glass Is Undoubtedly Half-Full

With the legal profession evolving, young attorneys can learn to adapt and thrive in the new landscape. The remote and hybrid work environment presents more advantages to aid in development, more time for professional growth, and more opportunities for career advancement.

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