Reaching Out to Millennials

If you are using your usual tactics for hiring and recruiting, you could be missing out on a large and valuable group of potential hires: millennials. This group, generally considered those born between 1976 and 2001, are a quickly growing segment of the workforce. By the end of 2014, they made up 36% of American workers. And, they’ll make up nearly half of all U.S. workers by 2020. If you are looking to find new hires in this group, you’ll need to go outside the usual venues.

1. Start with social media.

Don’t just use the usual networking, word of mouth and advertising venues. Millennials are likely to look for information about companies in ways previous cohorts did not. Most consider themselves tech savvy and are likely to engage in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. And, the millennials currently working for your organization can use their online clout to help recruit more. According to figures from Forbes, each millennial with a social media account gives you access to 34 times the audience you’d get by just advertising yourself.

2. Offer the sort of workplace they want.

One in three millennials say that they’d prioritize social media freedom and flexibility with devices they bring to work over salary when they are considering a job offer. Thirty percent say that they are motivated by meaningful work and a sense of accomplishment. By showing them that your firm is one where they can learn, grow, find flexibility and high quality of life, you can bring in young talent that will stay with your firm and add value.

3. Incorporate other high tech methods.

If you are interested in recruiting millennials, you need to reach them where they live. Make sure that your site is mobile-friendly. Inc. reports that 89% of people in that age group use a mobile device when looking for work. Be open to video interviews, which can save travel for millennials and save time on your end, as well. Ask for digital resumes instead of paper to make it easier for you to find the specific qualities and experience you want from your recruits.

The generation that is coming into the workplace has grown up in a digitally-oriented world. They think differently, and they are changing the workplace as they arrive. By adapting and being ready for them, you can provide a welcoming environment and attract the top talent from this growing segment of the legal industry.

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