Play Offense with Your Career

In the midst of corporate layoffs at profitable companies such as Citigroup, Amazon, and Google, Mike Evers of Evers Legal offers some advice for attorneys navigating their careers in this current landscape. Evers recruits attorneys for corporations across the country, and sees that layoffs are no longer associated with struggling companies. It’s now considered best practice to adjusting staffing needs to coincide with business needs and technological advances, which can boost a company’s bottom line.

To dodge being the sacrificial lamb in these layoffs, Evers suggests that attorneys play offense and never sit tight regardless of how secure the current position seems. Attorneys can put themselves quietly into the market to search for a better position while still employed so they can wait for the right opportunity without a lot of pressure.

Evers mentions that finding motivation to job hunt when you’re actually secure in your current job might be hard, but it isn’t as time consuming and stressful as searching for a job while unemployed. The only way to avoid playing defense is to play offense early and often throughout your career.

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