Omnichannel Legal Recruitment

Hiring the best legal talent can be challenging. Candidates may seem great on paper but are not the right fit for your culture. Others could be perfect for your practice but they don’t even know you have an opening. Utilizing omnichannel legal recruitment practices can help you with both of these issues.

What is Omnichannel?

The concept of “Omnichannel” began in retail, as companies promoted their products to customers along multiple social media platforms. This process is now used by nearly every type of business, including legal firms, to create a cohesive brand and to attract new customers or clients. Progressive law firms find this approach to be an effective component of their recruitment strategy.

Legal Recruitment and Omnichannel Practices

Omnichannel legal recruitment is more than simply posting the job on Linkedin or Facebook. To achieve your goals, you need to engage potential employees, letting them learn more about you as you learn about them. In effect, the process becomes part of an initial candidate interview. A successful legal recruitment process includes:

  • Knowing which platforms your target candidates are most likely to use. The most used sites for recruitment are Facebook, Linkedin, google+ and twitter, though Instagram, snapchat and tumbler are also popular.  If you aren’t sure which sites to focus on, ask your legal interns.
  • Promoting your firm. Candidates will look at your feeds, posts and blogs to evaluate your work environment and employee satisfaction. Present a positive, and hopefully accurate, picture of who you are and what you do.
  • Being creative. Don’t be shy about posting on unique topics such as specific successes or day-to-day struggles with the copier. These stories will capture the attention of potential candidates and help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Interacting with the candidates. You are likely to receive questions and comments from potential employees through these sites. Respond to each one, even if it is a polite “sorry, you’re not what we’re looking for.” Through this process you can establish a rapport with candidates and identify those who warrant a closer look.
  • Letting your employees share their experiences. Encourage them to post positive photos and comments on their social media pages.

Be consistent and engaging in your message. Present clear instructions on how to apply for your open positions and encourage interactions with potential applicants. Candidates will experience your firm as modern and connected, which will support the effectiveness of your legal recruiting.

Applicants and Omnichannel Recruitment

Applicants seeking legal positions can also use an omnichannel approach to finding employment. The keys to success include:

  • Professional presentation. Handle any social media contact with a potential employer the way you would a query letter. Be informative, concise and always use the appropriate titles of Mr., Mrs., or Ms.
  • Engage the firm representative in a “conversation” that conveys your understanding of what they do and how you can meet their needs.
  • Share positive work experiences. Discuss complex research you’ve done or cases you’ve won. Never share unflattering opinions about your job or employer on any multimedia platform as you will be viewed as a complainer.

Use the best aspects of social media to learn about the law firms you want to apply to and use questions or comments to get a sense of the firm’s culture.

Many law firms don’t have the time or resources to conduct an effective recruiting campaign. knows the industry and has the tools to find the best employees for practice. The perfect candidate may already be in our extensive resume database. Contact us to learn more.

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