Myth or Reality: Conquering the Enemies of Return-to-Office

Attorneys and office staff are refusing to be bound by 80-hour work weeks in the office. Company and firm leaders need to navigate this new transition in the post-pandemic world.

There’s no one-size-fits all solution for every firm and company but Marcie Borgal Shunk, President and Founder of the The Tilt Institute Inc., offers a few suggestions.

According to Shunk, a few of the old perceived notions about working in-office include:

  • -Unless we go back to the office we can’t …
  • -Cultivate our culture
  • -Provide the right development and mentorship
  • -Develop and enhance personal connections
  • -Attract and retain talent

Shunk writes that there is little evidence to support these “myths.” Law firms should be able to cultivate culture in the hybrid work model. Ways to cultivate culture remotely include:

  • -Tangible representations
  • -Collisions for hybrid work (digital workspaces) 
  • -Integrate aspirational values
  • -Model and normalize vulnerability
  • -Personalize interactions
  • -Adopt a growth mindset

Shunk also mentions that providing mentorship opportunities and paths for personal connection could help retain talent in the new hybrid work world.

Are you interested in more advice about returning to the office? Read more in this article.

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