Legal Search: Inflation, The New Normal, Not Really

Inflationary pressures are impacting the attorney job search.
Despite a job market where there are nearly two job openings for every
candidate, legal employment levels contracted by 5.1% in Q2 (Bureau of Labor
Statistics, 2022). The legal field is experiencing a decline in employment levels
and unemployment rates.

Attorneys have been let go, voluntarily resigned to rethink their careers, or left
the legal field altogether. Inflationary pressures and the Great Resignation have
law firms increasing salaries as an offensive and defensive strategy to attract and
retain talent.

Remote Work: Out of Site — Out of Mind
The pandemic has changed how we do business, attorneys want more work-life
balance. The truth is that for those who make it rain, firms are happy to offer
flexible schedules and remote work.

If you are new or simply not billing enough hours, you’re better off showing up at
the office. When you are seen, you are heard, which makes you more

The fear of failure is the key to success.

There is no shortage of fear in this world. The next few years are certain to be
chaotic and disruptive. “As a legal recruiter, my job is to place candidates to the
right job and coach them through the process.” — Shari Davidson, President On
Balance Search Consultants.

Career coaches break it down to get to why you aren’t advancing a your current
firm. They help you figure you out to understand why you are stuck in your
current job. Not all experiences, no matter how impressive should be detailed on
your resume. It gets down to what is relevant to the job you are applying for.

Ask yourself —
How fulfilled are you?
Are you learning and growing?
Are you headed in the right direction?
What seeds do you need to plant?
Do you need to nurture and build new relationships? 

Before you decide to just dive into the abyss, take a moment to ask yourself
these questions to better manage your career. The answers will inform your
actions and direction going forward.

Get advice on how to take your career to the next level.

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Source: Bloomberg Law Analysis

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