Looking for Your Dream Job? Don’t Follow Your Heart

Mike Evers, a recruiter at Evers Legal, shares some unconventional wisdom for attorneys who are looking for happiness in the workplace. Evers describes a television commercial for a job site that shows a woman’s heart tearing itself out of her chest, marching into the supervisor’s office and resigning, then by the tagline “Follow Your Heart.”

Evers Legal receives resumes from dissatisfied attorneys daily, and says that those attorneys typically remain the most difficult to place in a job. According to Evers, happy attorneys tend to fit into two categories: 1) law firm partners with work-life balance or 2) in-house attorneys with good working relationships with business unit leaders and feel valued at work.  

Evers says the best way to get there is to follow your head, not your heart since following your heart tends to turn into an excuse for job hopping.  Frequent job hopping doesn’t lend to dues paying in the legal world and may hurt an attorney’s marketability. 

Evers also advises attorneys to envision themselves as the star at a law firm or as the general counsel of a company. If neither vision gets an attorney excited, then they may need to find an alternate career path. If an attorney on these two paths work hard, network and set specific goals, they may find themselves rewarded with early retirement.

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