Inside Track: Laid-Off Lawyers Can’t Be ‘Robotic’ About Job Search

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Lawyers need to branch out of social media and other apps to build on relationships. During the legal industry’s current layoffs, attorneys need to network and build connections.

“It is human connections that will set you apart,” one Silicon Valley in-house recruiter said. “Lawyers sometimes get a little robotic about it.”

Mike Evers, a legal recruiter in Chicago, advised that in-person speaking at events or attending conferences were crucial to networking, though attorneys often turn down these events or conferences.

“The reason to engage in this activity is to create a personal brand for yourself outside the confines of your place of employment,” Evers wrote in a Corporate Counsel column. “By personal brand, I simply mean a sense of recognition among peers within your industry or within the in-house community generally.”

Jodi Golinsky, the general counsel of Current, gave advice at the Women, Influence and Power in Law conference in October at its panel titled “How to Build and Keep a Network that Fosters You Through Your Career.”

“Networking is something that you do to close the sale, and that is very valuable to me as a lawyer, as an adviser or professional,” Golinsky said.

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