Influence of Technology on Today’s Legal Landscape

It is no secret that technology has slowly infiltrated its way into the legal industry. From social media to online legal search engines, technology has helped to modernize the legal landscape, making it more accessible to all legal professionals. As technology continues to change the legal industry, many professionals are left wondering how they can benefit.

Social Media Improves Connectivity within the Legal Landscape
No matter the industry, social media seems to have a measurable impact. In fact, when it comes to the legal landscape, social media has been responsible for a number of new developments. First and foremost, social media makes it easier for people working in the legal sector to remain connected. Take for example, the ever-popular Facebook. 

Facebook is logged into by an unprecedented 1.09 Billion people per day. For legal professionals, this means that they can more easily stay connected to the latest news and legal stories that over 1 Billion people are posting, sharing, liking, and otherwise commenting about on a daily basis. Thanks to the popular social network, legal professionals now find it easier to stay up-to-date on the latest legal precedents. Not only can legal professionals stay up-to-date, but they can better understand the general population’s take on the passing of certain laws, regulations, and other legal events. In short, social media has made it easier for the legal landscape to be readily accessible to both legal professionals and the general population.

Technology Makes Online News Spreads Quickly
Online news can spread at the speed of a click or in many cases a “tweet.” For the legal landscape, this means that important news is more readily available. Thanks to online databases that are connected to verified news sources, legal professionals can now access important documents, facts, precedents, and other information needed in their day-to-day jobs.

No longer do legal professionals have to spend hours digging through the stacks of public, private, or legal libraries. Instead, members of the legal industry can link their research onto different devices. Whether it is scanning a page from a book with their cell phone or signing into an online legal database like VerdictSearch, legal industry professionals are able to expand their knowledge in a timely fashion. In the age of new legal precedents (for example the constant debates over same-sex marriage, healthcare laws and cybersecurity), easy access to online news and legal information is paramount to the success of a legal professional.

Finding a Job Has Been Influenced by the Online Marketplace
Applying for jobs in the legal industry has been greatly improved by the creation of legal-focused job search engines, such as Lawjobs is the leading niche legal recruitment website. This easy-to-use site efficiently and effectively pairs active and passive job seekers within the legal industry with firms who are looking to fill targeted positions. Thanks to mobile and desktop accessibility, has successfully capitalized on the technology trend that is sweeping through the legal industry. Now, legal professionals can more easily find the jobs that best suit their needs, and law firms can simultaneously enjoy the benefits of highly qualified staff members. 

The Bottom Line
Whether it is through social media, online news outlets, or an online legal job search engine, technology has helped to reshape the legal landscape. Through technology, legal professionals can now enjoy streamlined access to the latest news, legal rulings, and general legal information that they need to successfully complete their jobs and advance their careers.

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