How to Navigate Post-Pandemic In-Person and Online Networking

For those who feel intimidated by networking in-person after two years of remote work, simply showing up and staying flexible can help ease the transition back into face to face interaction, advises Jennifer Carter, an associate at Clark Hill.

Prior to the event, plan out your networking goals such as whether there are certain individuals you want to connect with. Stay flexible in the face of event postponements.

Prepare an “elevator pitch” of conversation topics when you meet with people. Possible topics for law students can include what kind of job you’re seeking after graduation. New associates can point to wins such as becoming second-chair or preparing an appellate brief.

For established attorneys, you can always say that you’re at the event to meet more people in the legal community. Avoid discussing politics as the conversation should stay light-hearted and positive.

If you strike up a good rapport, remember to gather that person’s contact information or look them up on LinkedIn after the event. It’s always good to follow up with a new contact. Online networking sites such as LinkedIn help you stay in touch after connecting at in-person events.
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