How to Make It: Where’s the @#$%&! Road Map to Leadership?

Joshua Lenon, lawyer-in-residence at Clio, is a Gen Xer offering powerful insights into Gen Z recruiting and the legal community in general.

Lenon says that a road map for attorneys to get from associate to partner isn’t often shared at law firms.

“In the past it’s been, hopefully, you find a partner that likes you, that has time to answer questions, you have your own network that you can start turning into a book of business, because you’re not going to be getting business from a partner,” Lenon said.

The lack of sharing in law firms became especially problematic about five years ago when a lot of these bigger law firms realized they had “driven away the people who are going to keep the law firm going for the next five to 10 years.”  This realization has led to a lot of laterals in big law since a lot of law firms didn’t plan for “generational succession.”

Lenon also shares that Generation Z are more open to “what has worked for their peers.” Law firms should demonstrate a path to achieving milestones for their new hires, and discuss how they will help the new hire to every milestone. Law firms would also help themselves by realizing that there are now more paths to partner than in the past.

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