General Counsels Take a Leading Role

In today’s world, general counsels have the chance to do more than just sit at the proverbial table. Standout legal officers are driving diverse cross-functional initiatives alongside chief financial officers and other members of the corporate C-suite. 

As a company’s chief legal adviser, GCs are responsible for guiding the company in a safe direction through a gauntlet of business and legal obstacles.

These obstacles could include more traditional items such as risk management, regulatory compliance requirements, corporate and securities matters, intellectual property protections and contracts, but also could include more business-focused items such as digital transformation and technology adoption. A successful GC is active, dynamic and agile, anticipating new opportunities and driving positive change.

For the chief legal officer or GC to operate beyond just the legal function, he or she must have a deep understanding of the company, as well as its broader industry. Having deep knowledge of the organization allows a GC to engage more fully in C-suite conversations, identify where the greatest vulnerabilities are, and tailor initiatives accordingly.

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