From Cover Letters to LinkedIn Profile Pics, Here Are a Few Tips for GC Job-Seekers

Chief Legal Officer of Lexion Jessica Nguyen and legal recruiter Susan Tien have tips for attorneys seeking in-house jobs.

Job seekers should negotiate but one round of negotiations would be enough, Tien said at a recent In-House Connect webinar.

Recruiters expect negotiations, but “you have to give a reason” such as a recent home purchase or a competing offer, Tien said, and cautioned that while a 10 percent base salary increase would seem standard, asking for a 20 percent increase might be seen as excessive.

According to Tien, junior in-house attorneys in California might receive offers of at least $200,000 while attorneys with more than 15 years of experience might receive $300,000 or more. 

Profile pictures on LinkedIn profiles play an important role too, Tien advised. Looking approachable and friendly helps more than a profile photo that gives off a stern vibe.

“Get a professional one,” Tien said. “Get a smiley one where you’re approachable. Crossing your arms and wearing a black suit—don’t do that.”  LinkedIn profiles that clearly, concisely describe work history and accomplishments also stand out to Tien when she recruits through her network. 

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