Fractional General Counsel Services: The Soft Landing between a Rock and a Hard Place

What is a Fractional General Counsel you ask? A Fractional GC delivers an experienced legal executive for a fixed fee, filling the need for business-focused and operationally-oriented legal help while controlling the legal budget. Big law is continuing to increase starting salaries and raise hourly rates, plus total compensation and benefits for in-house lawyers to continue to grow.

Between this rock and hard place are businesses looking for ways to reduce cost and meet demands for legal advice and counsel in an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment. Unless change is made, the “Rock” of high outside counsel costs for anything other than highly specialized work will continue to force companies to search for ways to reduce or at least control legal costs. The Hard Place, the logical response, is the continued growth of in-house legal departments, but therein lies the rub.

Want to learn more about this soft landing between a “rock” and “hard place?” Read more here in this article!

Victoria Ostrander
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