Four Ways to Impress a Partner

It is commonly said that law firm associates need to treat the partners they work for the same way they treat their clients. Call it the “golden rule” for advancing in a firm. 

The issue with this advice is that there will always be a power struggle between the client and lawyer—clients are always in control of the relationship even though their level of control varies. This depends on how interchangeable they view specific lawyers’ expertise relative to others’. But in every instance, clients hold the power to hire or fire their lawyers, which is the ultimate form of control.

Although the imbalance between associate and partner is also considerable, power can eventually be distributed over time. Associates advance within the firm, which gives them more responsibilities, so the power imbalance flattens. Overall, an associate can become an equal to a partner. However, before an associate makes it to a partner status, other partners must think of the young lawyer as an equal.

Are you interested in learning about ways an associate can perform above their pay grade and impress partners in the process? Read more in this article.

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