COVID-19 Shifts Law Firms’ Hiring, Onboarding Process Online—To a Limit

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, law firms are relying on technology and videoconferencing more than ever to hire and onboard attorneys and staff during this crisis. Unfortunately, however, many will not be able to achieve 100% remote onboarding. 

Lately, firms say they have shifted any in-person interviews to phone and video chats. Once a lawyer or staffer is hired, their laptop and other equipment they would need are shipped to them and all new hire and orientation protocols are completed over the phone or through video conferencing. 

While law firms are making great strides on this front to keep business as usual, there are still some barriers they have faced in trying to go fully remote, such as getting a new partners’ book of business, having remote access capabilities to access physical files, and more.

Are you interested in learning more about how law firms are heavily relying on technology to keep their firms running and the challenges they are facing during this time? Be sure to check out this article. 

Victoria Ostrander
Assistant Editor
The American Lawyer | National Law Journal | Corporate Counsel
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