Associates in These Practices Are Most Likely to Make a Move in 2021

Law firms should be keeping a close eye on their associates in general, as firms compete to do everything they can to convince talent to join them this year. However, they should be more diligent about young lawyers in data privacy, corporate and insurance practices. 

According to data from the legal data company Decipher, first half lateral hiring for associates in the U.S. was up across the board, and in some practices remarkably so.

Firm associates in the data privacy field are moving at a rate of 118% above the four-year first half average—the largest jump in activity of any practice area. 

Associates in the corporate realm, which are known to be high in demand, saw a 78% increase in movement over the four-year average. The practice area with the next highest percentage of growth was insurance, with a 72% increase in hiring compared to the previous years. 
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