All-or-Nothing Approach to Office Returns Risks Alienating Attorneys and Clients Alike

The pandemic brought extensive and sudden changes to the legal field. Some change, which included the improved use of technology and increased efficiencies for many lawyers, was long needed. 

However, this past summer, as everyone seemed to be getting ready to step away from the remote environment and return to offices (in some way or another), top lawyers at law firms and in-house started to question the long-term effects of the work from home environment. 

Among some of the more prominent voices emerged a push for a return to the traditional work model: lawyers in the office every day. This call for a return to “normalcy” has raised an important question: In a global pandemic, which has inflicted change on the legal profession, how does the field emerge with lessons learned and without losing the key emphasis on important principles, such as client and lawyer relationships?

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