Young Lawyers Can Impact Their Firmís Culture

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Law Firm culture can impact more than just day to day happiness. Culture reflects the firmís management and relationship style at the top, and can be an indicator of a long term success. In the past, company culture lacked the significance it has in todayís legal industry. With more competition and opportunities for lawyers to change firms or start their own, culture can make or break a firmís chance at survival.

There a few cultural elements valued above others when it comes to the workplace. The relationships within the firm and the behavior of the senior partners hold huge impact. It is well document that people who have friends at work are much more productive than those who donít. On a related note, the overall vibe of the firm can be just as valuable. Lawyers tend to work long hours and a fun, exciting workplace full of opportunity can make them much more enjoyable.

Young lawyers just out of law school or making an early career change from one firm to another should take culture into consideration when making career decisions. Asking thoughtful questions during the interview process and spending time observing the office environment can be helpful when deciding whether or not a firmís culture is a good fit.

Once young lawyers have joined a firm they have a responsibility to make a positive impact on its culture. Spending time building relationships with both senior and junior colleagues can make everyone feel more valued. Saying ďhelloĒ and ďthank youĒ to everyone in the office is an easy way to foster friendly vibes.

To thrive in the future both young lawyers and firms will need to recognize the role culture plays in their success. For more on young lawyers and their impact on culture, head to New York Law Journal.

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