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December 4, 2019

Leaving a toxic work environment is never easy. Whether you have been with the company for years or you enjoy who you work with, there comes a time where you must sum up the courage to move on. Now that this decision has been made, it is time for interviews. However, one major question arises before you start the interview process: should I pipe up about my dysfunctional work environment?

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November 19, 2019

Like the dating scene, the job interview process may start with a rendezvous for coffee at a local café.  Although the meeting is held in an informal setting, don’t forget that the rules of interviewing apply. You still must prepare, dress appropriately, and sell yourself.  Presenting your case in a public place presents some challenges, however.

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November 13, 2019

Legal tech companies have been busy this year. These types of companies have been acquiring competitors and raising significant funding, and as they have been forming mergers, employees at all levels wait impatiently to see if they will get the ax. 

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October 2, 2019

Emails are becoming a thing of the past as more clients ditch email for chat and text tools. Lawyers and their firms are being forced to navigate risks of using short responses instead of paragraphs. This leaves firms wondering, can we keep up with the times?

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September 25, 2019

Companies are starting to use AI as a way to speed up the interview process and to weed through a long list of candidates. In August, the state of Illinois pushed forward and passed the first U.S. law that regulates the use of AI to analyze video interviews with job applicants.
This type of AI is used to help analyze qualities like body language or facial expression and this programming could set the tone for similar laws to be created.
While some find this to be a great new way to conduct a rigorous process, others fear this could have broader legal implications outside of what’s likely to be a patchwork of similar state laws. Some businesses and their legal representatives are hesitant to embrace this technology.
Are you interested in learning more about AI job interviews and why companies might be resistant toward using this type of technology? Learn more in this article!

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September 18, 2019

Law offices across the nation are struggling to appeal to associates and get them to make lateral moves to their firms. There is one city though who is trying a different approach: Atlanta. This city’s large firms are using bonuses and a viable partnership path to lure in-demand associates.
Last year’s national wave of associate pay raises further enlarged the compensation gap in law firms in Atlanta, which took a toll on boutiques and regional firms to obtain and retain associates because they are unable to compete salary wise.
However, some AM Law 100 and 200 firms that pay below the top associate pay scale in Atlanta are wooing top midlevel and senior associated by offering these higher bonuses and chances to actually make partner, and they are successful.
Do you think this strategy is something your firm would be interested in to attract new associates? Learn more in this article.
Victoria Ostrander
Assistant Editor
The American Lawyer | National Law Journal | Corporate Counsel
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