Tech Titans Unleash Hiring Spree for AI-Focused Lawyers

Attorneys with a practice focused on artificial intelligence remain in demand as large tech companies Amazon, ByteDance, OpenAI, Meta and Nvidia seek to recruit more employees to help them navigate the new regulations and risks that artificial intelligence brings to the legal world.  

Many job postings describe a need for artificial intelligence product counsel who can collaborate with the company’s product, marketing and engineering teams on AI issues.

Julie Brush, founder and CEO of Silicon Valley-based legal search firm Solutus Legal, said in a article that she expects artificial intelligence to drive demand for tech talent in the near future. Layoffs in the tech industry slowed this year, according to 

“Companies are going through an editing process,” Brush said. “They’re surgically editing their departments to conform with the changing needs of the organization, and AI is a big part of that.”

At the major tech companies, job boards show several openings for attorneys with expertise in AI.  Meta currently has six openings for AI product counsel, Amazon has three openings for corporate counsel supporting its artificial intelligence, and OpenAI has an opening for a senior AI product counsel. Nvidia and ByteDance are recruiting senior AI data governance and senior AI policy counsel to build compliance programs and track regulatory developments.

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